Mushroom Mills

Prepare to be offended, morel-devotees: “If you fry up an oyster mushroom like a morel, you really can’t tell much difference in flavor,” explains Todd Mills. They’re absolutely delicious, and good for the brain too.

Todd Mills followed his fascination with mushroom growing all the way to Washington state for a workshop with mycologist and author Paul Stamets: Fungi Perfecti. Back in Iowa, his gourmet mushrooms pop up year-round on carefully sterilized and inoculated local straw and sawdust. His passion keeps him learning: “Research is coming out that’ll put lion’s mane mushrooms on the map for neurodegenerative diseases – dementia, Alzheimer’s.”

Get the whole story about our visit with Todd:

Mushroom Mills_20140314_4403
Todd Mills filling bags.


Mushroom Mills_20140314_4569

Mushroom Mills_20140314_4403
Lion's Mane Mushrooms


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