Milton Creamery


Products: Cheese

Location: Milton, Iowa

Miles to Co-op: 103

Milton's Prairie Breeze Cheddar just keeps winning awards, around the world and here at home! (It’s the 4-time Blue Ribbon Winner at the American Cheese Society, among other accolades.) The Musser family – Rufus, Jane, and sons Junior and head cheesemaker Galen – make artisanal cheese the old fashioned way, and source their added growth hormone-free milk from less than 30 miles away: “They’re all small family farms where the cows have access to grass,” Rufus notes, “all averaging 30-40 cows per farm.” Milton doesn’t use animal or GMO rennet – they use vegetable rennet instead, suitable for vegetarians. Their cheese curds get top marks for snacking around here!

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