Heartland Burrito


Products: Local & Organic Frozen Burritos

Miles to Co-op: <5 miles

While selling produce for Echollective Farm & CSA at the Iowa City Farmers’ Market, Kyle Sieck craved something good to eat for breakfast, so he started his own business!

At the time, egg rolls and baked goods were about the only ready-to-eat foods at the market – if you’re wondering whether the local foods scene has changed in the past five years, the market is an excellent indicator that all our hard work to build the local foods community and economy is working!

Kyle’s mission at Local Burrito Catering & Food Truck is to supply freshly prepared, ethically raised organic food. Local Burrito networks with local family farms to source the freshest ingredients possible, and they “believe in the benefits of empowering local communities, local markets, and reducing the energy cost of food production.” For Kyle, “Making a living supporting farms that heal the planet while serving people healthy food has become a mission, a full plate, and a way of life.”

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