Grinnell Heritage Farm

Grinnell Heritage Farms

Products: Carrots; Red, Gold, & Chioggia Beets; Rutabagas; Parsnips; Turnips; Beauty Heart Radishes; Green, Purple, & Lacinato Kale; Collard Greens; Red & Rainbow Chard; Red, Yellow, Orange, & Green Bell Peppers; Cabbage; Brussels Sprouts; & Romanesco Cauliflower

Location: Grinnell, Iowa

Miles to Co-op: 65

Andrew & Melissa Dunham and family “grow organically for our future” on their 150-year-old farm in Grinnell, Iowa, creating good jobs for over a dozen hard-working people and carrying the family’s farm into a greener future.

From Iowa to Tanzania and back again, Andrew took a roundabout journey to his family’s 150-year old family farm as its 5th generation farmer. His experience in the Peace Corps taught him the basics of organic vegetable farming, and his love of eating drove him to return to Iowa and take up the family farm in Grinnell. With his wife Melissa, Andrew transformed the former corn and soybean farm into an organic oasis that includes 18 acres of organic vegetables. Grinnell Heritage Farm is particularly well known for their flavorful local carrots they offer through farmers’ markets, their CSA, and of course, New Pioneer.

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