Echollective Farm & CSA


Products: Garlic; Green Garlic; Garlic Scapes; Leeks; Sweet (fresh & cured) Onions; Sugar Snap Peas; Napa Cabbage; Shallots; Parsley; Dill; Sungold Cherry Tomatoes; Baby Bok Choy; Arugula; Braising Greens; Chili Peppers; Spinach; Red Leaf Lettuce; Fingerling Potatoes; Asparagus; Asian Greens; & Daikon Radishes

Location: Mechanicsville, Iowa

Miles to Co-op: 26.5

Echollective Farm feels more like a family than a business. Members of this collective garden and CSA make their decisions gathered around the kitchen table. Farm manager Derek Roller says, “The more people get invested and help make decisions, the more likely they are to do good work, especially if they feel what they say has merit.” Derek extends the local growing season through his use of hoophouses, allowing customers clamoring for local food to savor the season earlier and later. Derek’s innovative methods continue to promote sustainability, collaboration, and cooperation.

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