Echo Dell Farm

Echo Dell Farm

Products: Chickens & Milk

Location: Kalona, Iowa

Miles to Co-op: 20

Meet Calvin Yoder of Echo Dell Farm, raising New Pi’s whole, local, organic chickens since 1988:

“A lot of people have no idea what real chicken tastes like. I just talked to somebody yesterday, who’d bought our chicken,” Calvin crosses his arms, “she told me it was the best chicken she’d ever had!” He shrugs and looks at the ground modestly, but you can tell he’s pleased.

Read more about Calvin and his Kalona farm in our article about our visit here – he’s a great guy. In addition to the chickens, Calvin produces milk for Organic Valley, a local dairy co-op (yes, we carry his milk too!). Actually, if you really want a feel of his farm, watch this little video of him giving us his “cow call” (how he calls his cows into the barn for their milking):

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