Iowa City Co-op Construction Update - 5/10/19


Hello beautiful people!

As most of you have seen, we have begun our remodeling process here at Iowa City New Pi. It is no surprise to most that it is time to give this store some love.

We have been working hard this past year planning for the new improvements and we are excited to see it come to fruition!

To keep our shoppers in the know, I will be sharing weekly updates of the changes taking place at this location.

We want to ensure that your shopping experience is still an enjoyable one as we journey through our progress these next couple of months.

On April 24, we began building a new dish room in our back room of the store. This addition is estimated to take up to 2 months to complete.


The first couple of weeks our contractors cut up the old concrete, removed dirt, added new plumbing, and new concrete. See pictures here.

This week, they have completed the framework and laid out the new FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) on the walls. Progress! See more pictures here.

Starting Monday, May 13

From our deli line:

  • We’re removing old cabinets, light fixtures, and – most exciting – that floor!
  • What about the coffee you ask? Not to worry – we’ll continue to serve our drip coffee throughout the whole process. You can find it next to the pastry case.
  • Our soup station will also be relocated to the end of aisle 5 (across from the old seafood case).
  • By week’s end, we hope to see the new tile and flooring being laid down!

In our meat department:

  • We are replacing a broken drainpipe. Our apologies in advance for the possible smell.

I want to share my appreciation to all of you for your patience as we ease on down the road to serve you and our teams better.

Stay tuned for the next update!

Kirsten Antill
Iowa City New Pi Store Team Lead

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