Iowa City Co-op Construction Update 5/31/19


Hello beautiful people,

Another update from our Iowa City store!

Tuesday, we shut down our meat counters and began the process of the new prep area. See pictures below.

This process will take a little over a week to complete. As of this week, we have completed the additional plumbing, laid down a better foundation (concrete), electrical, flooring, and, the best part – all new subway tile!

Please look towards our meat cooler across from the old counter for any items you are looking for.

Next Week

Monday, the new meat coolers will be brought in and installed in the same place as our previous coolers. Rotisserie chicken will be available again and located next to our soup station.

For the rest of the week we will continue to lay down the floor, new tile, and do some deep cleaning. Once that is wrapped up, the new hot table and salad bar will be brought in to begin installation.

Our goal is to have our prepared foods area up and running the week of June 10th!

We have a timeline posted in the front of our store that’s cooler – coded to give you a better vision of our planning.

Thank you all again for your patience through this process.

Kirsten Antill
Store Lead
New Pi Iowa City


Behind the Scenes of Our Meat Department:

IC_meat-department_construction_sm meat-department-construction_sm meat-department-wall-tile_sm




See more behind the scenes pictures of our Iowa City remodel, by Co-op staffer Patti Zwick!

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