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Spring is here and with it, many exciting new things are coming to our Iowa City and Coralville stores for our owners and customers. We opened our Cedar Rapids store in 2014 and now it's time to circle back and reinvest in our Iowa City and Coralville stores. We've been working actively over the course of the past year and winter, planning improvements to our stores. Construction is now starting and will be complete by the end of summer for both store projects. To keep our shoppers in the know, we'll be sharing project updates that affect both stores with a weekly blog post that kicks off later this week.

At both stores we are improving the efficiency of our lighting, refreshing our paint, and decongesting some of the traffic flow. Both stores will also be receiving large hot bars and salad bars, as well as some new frozen and meat department fixtures.



Our Iowa City store will finally be receiving a small, but much requested seating area, as well as new check stands. In Coralville, we are excited to announce that we are teaming up with a great local food operator, Get Fresh, to host a juice and smoothie station in the store! Get Fresh runs a location at New Bo Market in Cedar Rapids and will soon have a location in downtown Iowa City as well.



New Pi is also entering the realm of e-commerce. You will soon be able to order groceries from your co-op online with your computer or phone. We are launching with store-based pick up this summer and a running a very small initial pilot for a delivery model – more on this front soon.

New Pi is on a journey! Please pardon our progress as we ease on down the road to serve you better.


Matt Hartz, General Manager





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  1. Lafayette bluford Adams says:

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