Getting Your Local Greens in the Winter

urban greens - edit for slice-01Longing for local greens? The Co-op has you covered.

It’s chilly outside, and our gardens are hibernating for the winter, but if you have a hankering for fresh, local greens, we have good news for you! Our local producers are still providing the very best in tasty sprouts, lettuce, and more so that you can eat yummy Iowa veggies even in January and February!

Our friends at Urban Greens pride themselves on providing hyper-local greens 365 days a year, all grown hydroponically in Iowa City. Try favorites like the addictive, flavorful Bold & Spicy Salad Mix and their divine Lettuce Medley to add a splash of sunshine to the cold winter days.

Rolling Hills Greenhouse is a robust family farm located just outside of West Union, Iowa. Their computerized greenhouse provides ultra-fresh greenery, from lettuce to herbs, every day of the year. Pick up a container of Spring Mix to keep you crunching, or a pot of basil to add to your homemade pesto.

Grinnell’s Mariposa Farms is devoted to growing delicious herbs in their state-of-the-art hydroponics system. You’ll find their famous “Herbs from the Heartland” at the Co-op throughout the winter (and all the other seasons, too). Pick up lemongrass for your favorite Thai recipe, mint, rosemary, and more.

Organic Greens comes to us from Kalona, bringing crispy, delightful organic sprouts from January to December (and every month in between). Try the Daikon Radish Sprouts right out of the bag for a tasty, spicy snack or salad topping, and add Sunflower Sprouts to sandwiches for a fresh, healthy crunch.

Come by the produce departments in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Coralville to try out the best of the wintertime harvest. You can eat local all year long with the Co-op!

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