Food Predictions for 2018!

At your Food Co-op we think about food more than the average food lover. We kind of obsess over it. But it is our job to stay ahead of the trends so you can count on us for the best stuff around!

Each year, I like to survey our buyers and chefs to see what food trends they predict will hit it big in the coming year – and here they are!


New Pi Purchasing Manager Linda Fritz-Murphy:

- Fermented foods keep going – exotic krauts, craft cocktails featuring kombucha, and snack products with fermented flavors like krauts or kimchi (below).

- Adaptogens (mood boosting/altering herbs) added to drinks, snacks, etc. They might prompt you to wonder, “Was the cookie that good – or was it the ashwagandha?”
- Food in bowls – Poke Bowls, Buddha Bowls (example below!), etc.


New Pi General Manager Matt Hartz:

- Gochujang hits it big in 2018. (Look for this sweet & spicy fermented chili paste condiment to arrive on our shelves after the New Year.)

New Pi Wellness Coordinator Michelle McClintick:

- Ketogenic supplements, like keto pills and powders, as well as keto engineered foods.

Head Chef Anthony Walsh:

- Koji (the fungi responsible for miso, soy, & black bean paste) – and home koji kits. (Here's an example of koji at work on rice:)


Center Store Coordinator Alex Gassman:

- Mushroom Coffee/Tea, for its healing properties
- Plant Based Foods
- Collagen
- Bone Broth
- Even More Local (We hang our hat on our local offerings, so here’s hoping for even stronger love for local!)

2 thoughts on “Food Predictions for 2018!”

  1. Emily Silliman says:

    I think fermented foods are a good idea for most people, but don't get carried away. I can't tolerate fermented foods - or only in very small quantities. The reason is my small intestine cancer, which is under control, but has changed what I can and can't tolerate. I always did have problems, such as gassiness, from fermented foods.

  2. Lucy Mills says:

    I was introduced to kimchi a couple years ago and love it! Since then, I've noticed others mentioning how much they enjoy it as well! It definitely will continue to be a top choice throughout the year!

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