Your Co-op: Meeting & Beating Big Box Prices


We hear from time to time that people feel the Co-op is higher priced than other stores. In the past, we may have earned this perception. But NOT ANYMORE!

We took a long, hard look at ourselves and we talked with other Co-ops across the country. Together, we are pooling our resources to bring many new products to market at extremely competitive prices. We’ve introduced our Co-op Basics: natural and organic pantry staples at low prices so you don’t have to make a separate stop at a big box store for everyday items like toilet paper or pasta sauce. We compare our prices with our competitors’ similar items regularly to make sure we meet or beat their prices. With our new Co-op Basics program, we’ve got you covered with affordable LOW PRICES EVERY DAY! Just look for them in our aisles, marked with purple tags.








2 thoughts on “Your Co-op: Meeting & Beating Big Box Prices”

  1. Recker Patti says:

    Could you hook me up with a schedule of cooking classes offered at any of your locations?

  2. New Pi Eats says:

    Hello! You can register for all our classes through our Class & Events Calendar here:

    And the lineup for Spring 2017 is inside the back cover of your Catalyst newsletter, which you can pick up in paper form at the Co-op, or online right here:

    All our classes are held at New Pi Coralville unless otherwise indicated. Thanks! -a

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