Student Membership


Welcome to the Co-op! 

If you're looking for really good food that's good for you too, the Co-op is the place to shop.

We offer:

We are also the place for:

  • Organic – 80% of our store is organic, from produce, to groceries, dairy & meats - we hold the local market in organic!
  • Local Iowa products (Wisconsin, Illinois & Minnesota too) if you like the farmer's market you'll like us too. That's because many of the growers and producers you find at the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids Farmers' Markets sell to the Co-op too.
  • Humanely Raised Meats – All of our meats (from the meat case, to the deli, and even grocery) were raised in a humane way.
  • Sustainable Seafood – Our seafood case is 100% sustainable – our offerings are not overfished (where there is risk to the population of a species) or fished in a way that would cause harm to a species or eco-system.
  • Real Ingredients – None of the products on our shelves include trans-fats or high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives. When you read our labels you can recognize the ingredients on them.

Become a Member!

We welcome everyone to shop the Co-op - no membership required. However, when you become a student member you get added perks like:

• Special owner pricing on weekly Flash Sales & owner deals
(usually an extra dollar or two off per item more than non-member Flash Sale pricing)

• 5% off local goods from over 50 local companies, every day

• 5% off New Pi brand vitamins & supplements, every day

• 10% off supplements and body care the first Tuesday of the month

The cost to join for one year is just $10.

Student memberships run from August 1 - July 31 and are available to college and university students who show a valid student ID. Please note, student membership cards are not replaceable if lost.

Visit any New Pi register to sign up today!

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