A Few Words From Our Owners

Owner Beat: Why do you feel shopping the Co-op is a healthy choice for your family?

- Theresa Carbrey, New Pi Education & Outreach

"The Co-op offers so many healthy choices! My husband and I enjoy the genuinely fresh seafood, and feel good about the sourcing.” Daughters (left to right) Zia, Niah, and Aura are fond of Co-op desserts, including Izzy soda, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Chocolate Croissants, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. – Erika Lauer and daughters at New Pi Coralville

“I like to eat from my regional food shed, and the Co-op gets that. I usually buy my food directly from the farmer, but when I‘m on the road, the Co-op helps out. I’m in the middle of a 28-day cleansing detox fast, with no wheat, dairy, corn, or processed ingredients, so I’m grateful for the Co-op’s clear signage and many choices!” – Paula Neuhaus at New Pi Iowa City

“I appreciate the organic produce, and I like to support local growers. I’m a kale-aholic! I use it to make Mean Green Juice, and I make a great hot Japanese dish with kale, toasted sesame seeds, brown rice vinegar, and tamari.” – Tim Mullaney and daughter Emily at New Pi Coralville

“Tonight I am buying leeks. They are a ‘prebiotic,’ which is a specialized plant fiber that beneficially nourishes good bacteria already in the bowel. I will serve them with Seabass, fennel, and a kefir cheese garnish. Seafood is a natural source of healthful fish oils, and makes a delicious meal!” – Marie Crowley at New Pi Coralville

“My best friend from childhood, Karen Hermansen, drove all the way from Chicago to eat lunch with me today at the Cedar Rapids Co-op Deli! Whenever I get to choose the lunch spot, I come here because I am on a restricted diet. I think about the saying: ‘The dietary choices you make all your life catch up with you at age 65!” – Karen Chin (left) and Karen Hermansen at New Pi Cedar Rapids

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