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Care for the Craft: The Art Behind the Omnivore’s Main Course

All of our meat goes through a tough inspection process to ensure that it is humanely raised, and antibiotic-, pesticide-, and hormone-free. We recognize the difference between truly all-natural meats and product that has been merely flushed of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones in the last ninety days, as some so-called “natural” meats are. Our local, all grass-fed Grass Run Farms beef, Beeler’s pork, Black Family Farms lamb, and Echo Dell chicken are truly antibiotic, hormone, and steroid-free.

Our meat cutters actually cut meat. While that sounds like a silly statement, “Most chain stores don’t actually cut meat in-house anymore,” Meat & Seafood Lead Ian Moore explains. Meat cutting is becoming a lost art (and yes, it is an art). These days, “most meat counters rely on pre-packaged meat coming from a production facility, without know where the meat comes from – even where on the animal.”

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Sustainable Choices for Healthier Oceans:

New Pi Crosses ‘Deliberation’ Off Your Shopping List

Farm-raised, line-caught, troll-fished, wild-caught, sustainably-harvested, dolphin-safe, MSC, BAP, MBASW – what’s an eater to do? All that labeling is enough to lose an appetite, and toss that dinner idea out to sea.

At New Pi, we believe it shouldn’t be so confusing. Th­at’s why we are so proud to have a 100% sustainable seafood case. Rejoice in not deliberating! Pick up dinner with a happy conscience.

The number and merits of ‘sustainable’ labels could cause a shipwreck, so we’ve compiled all the best choices on your behalf. All our seafood is certified as ‘Best Choice’ or ‘Good Alternative’ by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, as ‘BAP’ (Best Aquaculture Practices) by the Global Aquaculture Alliance, or as ‘sustainable’ by the Marine Stewardship Council – casting our net wide to make sure we haul in just the best catches.

Meet Mark from Troller Point Fisheries, a one-boat Alaskan fisherman who’s kept us stocked with 100% sustainable seafood for over 15 years!

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